Saturday, June 6, 2020

Episode #033: Footprints of Catastrophe - Glacial Impact at Lac St-Jean?

RC's background image of massive glacial erratic "Okotoks" spurs discussion of methods for moving megaliths. Then carrying on from Ep032, we look at Lac St-Jean as a potential impact site with the Saguenay River fjord as an outflow channel, linked to evidence from YDB layers at PA and NJ Clovis sites, that contain spherules and osmium traceable to lithologies present in Quebecia. Similar features are present at another proposed impact site at Lake Nipigon, with massive outflow channels to the south, which leads to discussion of the erosion across the Colorado Plateau and thru the Grand Canyon. Switching back to studies from the Channel Islands, the question of "where are all the human remains" opens again the Anzick One mystery...

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  1. After listening to ep033 especially the opening discussion about possible domestication of some of the large mega herbivores, my thinking cell kicked in again and i wondered if there could be a way of extracting data from bones that might suggest that the skeleton was put under more physical stresses due to extra loading other than the normal wear n tear an animal would undergo through its life-span? And if so, has any academic study along these lines been undertook?

    many thanks to the team for all the time and effort put into this project...i just can't get enough...i'd love to join in and be a part of the's epic! :)