Monday, February 17, 2020

Episode #018: Younger Dryas - Black Mat

On New Year’s Eve, prior to a new decade 2020, RC recounts some previous missed predictions of catastrophe and the morals from the “Boy who Cried Wolf” story. Then digging into some scientific papers that reveal evidence for the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis including the “black mat” and hexagonal nano-diamonds, he speculates with the authors on what kind of event(s) could produce these unique markers of catastrophe.

Randall also reveals his vision of what may be the culprit for repeated catastrophes, and especially most recently the Younger Dryas Boundary events, then gets into the details of a couple of the early papers in support of the YDIH – from Hall’s Cave, Texas, and Santa Rosa of the Channel Islands off the coast of southern California, which were all one landmass with the Ice Age lowered sea level. In addition to mammoths, abundant impact proxies, and flood sediments, they found bones from a female that may have perished in the catastrophe…

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