Monday, January 27, 2020

Episode #014: Younger Dryas - Fossils

RC continues to show evidence for Younger Dryas extinction factors other than bands of roving hunters with spears – sudden catastrophic burial in most cases is the commonality for preservation of fossils, which builds the foundation for many episodes to come that will define the conditions and reveal the ultimate trigger for all these coeval shifts.

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  1. I've been fascinated by Randall Carlson and his work since I heard him on JRE several yrs ago. Randall now has his own podcast...Kosmographia is finally here! I enjoy catching Randall when he's on other podcasts but I'm happy he has a format of his own where he can control the flow and not have to answer the same questions every single time. These guys do a fantastic job of presenting complicated and controversial info while taking it but not themselves too seriously. This podcast and it's subject matter help me keep my mind open and remind me to think critically when considering the status quo.
    Kudos to Randall and the Kosmographia crew!
    Thank you for this podcast.

  2. Have human bones/remains ever been found alongside the megafauna remains in the silt/gravel pits? Would human also not have succumbed to the same fires/floods/catastrophes that killed the animals and thus been mixed in with their remains?