Friday, December 20, 2019

Episode #010: Precession, Cosmic Numbers & Cycles

Randall reveals how the measurements stated for the Atlantis city plan “Inner Island” at 5 stades (and the Temple of Poseidon at 1x1/2 stade) directly links to the measure of the Earth and also of time.
We then go thru curious numerical and astronomical correlations as we transition out of the Atlantis-focused lessons and on to the “chronostratigraphic context” that is the dramatic and catastrophic events of the Younger-Dryas transition from the Pleistocene to the Holocene era. Precession and the Great Year; lunar numbers and baseball; Sexagesimal division of the circle; solar system oddities; Pole star navigation; Firestone, Kennett, West et al. present at the AGU re: Younger Dryas Boundary; YD impact hypothesis and the Comet Research Group.
An “Instant Classic” episode that you’ll need to hear more than once!

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